Mindful Review Guidelines


At Mindful Living Choice, our mission is to guide individuals towards making more informed, conscious decisions in their daily lives. Our reviews play a critical role in this mission. They offer a pathway to discover products that resonate with the principles of mindful living. We understand that every recommendation we make can significantly impact the lives of our readers, and hence, we approach our review process with a sense of responsibility and earnestness.

What We Do


Our review process commences with a meticulous examination of product ingredients. We prioritize selections that feature natural, organic, or well-acknowledged safe ingredients. Our choice of ingredients is grounded in scientific evidence regarding their safety and beneficial properties. This ingredient-centric approach ensures that the products we recommend align with our commitment to promote well-being and mindful living.

Product Evaluations

Product evaluations at Mindful Living Choice go beyond mere functionality. We delve into the ethical production practices, sustainability, and the potential impact a product may have on one’s well-being. While we don’t test every product, our stringent criteria for ingredient quality and properties reflect our confidence in the efficacy of the products we recommend. Additionally, we value the experiences of the community. Customer reviews, both positive and negative, play a significant role in our evaluation process, providing a broader spectrum of insights.

Scoring System

1. Natural Ingredient Content (20%)

Our commitment to health and safety is reflected in our rigorous evaluation of natural ingredient content, which also includes the scrutiny for harmful substances:

  • Purity and Quality of Natural Ingredients
    • 0-10 Points: Ranging from predominantly synthetic to exclusively natural ingredients of the highest purity.
  • Concentration of Natural Ingredients
    • 0-10 Points: Assessing concentration from very low to absolute.
  • Natural-to-Non-Natural Ingredient Ratio
    • Direct percentage calculation, scaled to a 0-10 point system.
  • Absence of Harmful or Unnecessary Additives
    • Deductions up to -5 Points for harmful chemicals and unnecessary fillers, emphasizing safety and purity.

2. Ethical Sourcing, Sustainability, and Organic Certification (20%)

Ethical practices and sustainability are at the heart of our evaluation:

  • Ethical Sourcing and Cruelty-Free Practices
    • 0-10 Points: From no evidence to full commitment, including certifications.
  • Environmental Sustainability
    • 0-10 Points: Evaluating from minimal to leadership efforts in sustainability.
  • Organic Certification
    • 0-10 Points: Based on the extent of certified organic ingredients, from none to 100%.

3. Scientifically Supported Effectiveness (20%)

We ensure that efficacy is not just claimed but proven:

  • Intrinsic Performance and Effectiveness
    • 0-10 Points: From lack of evidence to comprehensive studies validating effectiveness.
  • Evidence of Efficacy and Ingredient Support
    • 0-10 Points: Considering evidence from basic research to advanced clinical trials.

4. User Experience (20%)

User satisfaction is paramount, assessed through:

  • Aggregate Customer Feedback
    • 0-10 Points: Based on overall user ratings, from predominantly negative to perfect scores.
  • Volume of Customer Feedback
    • 0-10 Points: Reflecting market presence from limited engagement to industry-leading feedback.
  • Sensory and Aesthetic Appeal
    • 0-10 Points: From minimal details to rich descriptions that enhance product appeal.
  • Ease of Application and Use
    • 0-10 Points: Assessing convenience and user experience, from basic to advanced features.

5. Product-Theme Match (20%)

Ensuring alignment with the intended theme:

  • Presence and Role of Key Ingredient/Feature
    • 0-10 Points: From negligible to pivotal impact on product formulation and benefits.
  • Specific Benefit Alignment with Theme
    • 0-10 Points: From limited relevance to a perfect thematic match.

Why Our Scoring System Stands Out

Our detailed, multi-dimensional evaluation goes beyond the surface to offer a comprehensive understanding of each product’s merits. By weighting each dimension equally, we ensure a balanced approach that considers not just the efficacy and user experience, but also the ethical and sustainability practices, the commitment to natural ingredients, and alignment with thematic purposes. This nuanced analysis helps you make informed decisions, trusting in products that are not only effective but also align with your values and health standards.

Choose Mindful Living Choice for recommendations rooted in thorough evaluation and a commitment to excellence. Discover products that truly stand out, knowing they’ve been assessed with the utmost care and precision.

The total score from these categories is then adjusted to a 100-point scale using the formula: Adjusted Score = (Total Score / Total Possible Points) × 100.

Along with the final score, individual percentage scores for each evaluation category are also provided. This gives a detailed view of the product’s performance in specific areas, helping consumers understand its strengths and weaknesses in relation to their personal needs and preferences

Regulatory Advice

Our review process acknowledges the significance of regulatory guidelines, especially when it comes to organic or ethically produced products. For instance, when reviewing organic skincare products, we ensure they are certified by reputable bodies such as the USDA Organic Certification or ECOCERT when possible. Similarly, products claiming to be cruelty-free are cross-verified with certifications from organizations like Leaping Bunny or Cruelty-Free International when possible. These certifications, among others from various regulatory bodies, provide a framework that helps us assess the authenticity and ethical standing of the products we recommend, ensuring they adhere to the standards of mindful living..

Pricing and Positioning

Mindful living should be accessible to everyone, regardless of budget. Our reviews encompass a variety of price points, ensuring value without compromising the principles of mindful living. Whether it’s an affordable or a premium product, our focus is on ensuring clear benefits and value for the cost.


We believe in recommending products that are easily accessible to our readers. Availability and ease of purchase are factors we consider, ensuring that our recommendations are practical and attainable.

What We Don’t Do


Transparency and honesty are pillars of our review process. We do not accept sponsorships for reviews. Our recommendations are unbiased, driven solely by our mission to promote mindful living.

Ignoring Ethical Concerns

Our ethos of promoting mindful living extends to every facet of our review process. Ethical concerns, whether they relate to production practices or company policies, are never ignored but thoroughly investigated.

Ethical Concerns

We delve into a variety of ethical concerns prevalent in our niche including eco-friendliness, fair trade practices, and more. Our recommendations reflect a commitment to uphold these ethical values, promoting products that resonate with the principles of mindful living.