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    • Ph.D. in Physiology-Endocrinology with a focus on biomedical research and immunology.
    • Extensive Academic Publications in reputable journals, contributing to the field of central nervous system immunity and T lymphocyte functions.
    • Founder of Mindful Living Choice, a platform dedicated to educating and inspiring individuals to embrace a natural, organic lifestyle.
    • Food Ingredients Specialist and Contributing Writer at The Berkeley Well-Being Institute.
    • Featured in Articles on Medical News Today:
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Dr. Steve Gendron is not just another blogger; he is a scientist with a passion for mindful living. With a strong background in biomedical research, endocrinology, and immunology, Steve founded Mindful Living Choice to be a trusted source for evidence-based information on natural skincare ingredients and healthy living. His writing process is deeply rooted in comprehensive research, personal experience, and a commitment to sustainability. At The Berkeley Well-Being Institute, Steve contributes as a food ingredients specialist, providing expert insights and research on the impact of various food ingredients on health and well-being. Steve's unique perspective lies in his philosophy of making informed choices that are in harmony with nature. He believes that living a natural, organic lifestyle is not just a trend but a significant commitment to personal health and environmental sustainability. Outside of his professional life, Steve is a dedicated family man with four children and enjoys traveling in an RV, embracing the freedom and adventure that comes with it.


Steve earned his Doctorate and Master's degrees in Physiology-Endocrinology from Laval University in Quebec City. His research focused on the regulation of T lymphocyte functions and their role in the immune system. Following his academic journey, Steve served as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Montreal University, where he was responsible for two biomedical research projects in the field of central nervous system immunity.


Steve has an extensive list of academic publications, including but not limited to (full publication list):
  • "Integrin alpha2beta1 inhibits Fas-mediated apoptosis in T lymphocytes by protein phosphatase 2A-dependent activation of the MAPK/ERK pathway."
  • "Alpha2beta1 integrin is the major collagen-binding integrin expressed on human Th17 cells."
  • "Collagen type I signaling reduces the expression and the function of human receptor activator of nuclear factor-kappa B ligand (RANKL) in T lymphocytes."
  • "Alpha1beta1 integrin and interleukin-7 receptor up-regulate the expression of RANKL in human T cells and enhance their osteoclastogenic function.
His work has significantly contributed to the scientific community, particularly in the fields of endocrinology and immunology.

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